Saturday, January 29, 2011

Roanoke Times

Mike Allen for the Arts & Extras w/ Mike Allen gives the stables a spot on his blog again, discussing our call for submissions! Thanks Mike!

Call for Submissions

Submission call for our newest show "Secret Histories of a Space Age". Submission deadline is February 16th.

Secret Histories of a Space Age is an interactive performance and visual arts event documenting mankind’s illustrious past of space exploration. Secret Histories of a Space Age delves into all our final frontiers. It shows us where we have boldly gone, and where we hope to go.

email submissions to

We are looking for futuristic, dystopian, sci-fi and fantasy art in any media (including performance, sculpture, and video work).
Work must be ready to hang.

Show opens March 3rd, and is included in the Roanoke Marginal Arts Festival. Show will run till March 12th.  


Our friend Alexis Meyer made us this amazing and wonderful video of our Shrine show!

Shrines from Alexis Meyer on Vimeo.

we love it! thank you so much!

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Roanoke Times

The Unicorn Stables Project got a short write up in the Arts & Extras w/ Mike Allen

One of the comments on this write up was: "This show was disturbing to me. Very reflective of our violent times…I left feeling empty and sad for humanity."

Shrines and Other Things

Saturday, January 15, The Stables had its most successful event to date. Shrines and Other Things had over twenty artists sharing their interpretation of shrines through photography, poetry, paintings, installations, and sculpture. It was serious, it was lighthearted, it was scary, and it was amazing. Thank you to all the contributing artists and community members that made it possible!

Parlor Tour

This Holiday Season the Unicorns participated in the Historic Old Southwest Holiday Parlor Tour of Homes in Roanoke, presenting work in the home of Katherine Horn.